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The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative's (DCMI) Metadata Registry is designed to promote the discovery and reuse of exiting metadata definitions. It provides users, and applications, with an authoritative source of information about the Dublin Core element set and related vocabularies. This simplifies the discovery of terms and related definitions, and illustrates the relationship between terms.

The reuse of existing metadata terms is essential to standardization, and promotes greater interoperability between metadata element sets. The discovery of existing terms is an essential, and prerequisite, step in this process. This application promotes the wider adoption, standardization and interoperability of metadata by facilitating its discovery, and reuse, across diverse disciplines and communities of practice.

This application was developed by the OCLC Office of Research, in cooperation with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Registry Working Group. It was developed, and is distributed, as an open-source project, built entirely upon open-source/open-standards software.

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